Dad…! Tell me a pink joke

Sweety is a cute little girl. She is 4 years old. It’s a conversation between Sweety and her dad.



Sweety : Dad…! Tell me a pink joke.

Dad : Pink joke? Jokes won’t have color.

Sweety : Why should jokes not have a color? Mom taught me how to color trees,house,ball,clouds. She told me that world is full of colors and that you are doing homework of your office to earn money which brings colors to our lives. Don’t you know to color a joke with pink?

The Dad always brings office work to home(homework) and finds little time to play with sweety 😦

The Dad does not have a chance to escape. He has to create a pink joke.

Dad : Once there was a cute girl. Her name is Pinky. Her favorite color is pink. She always wears pink dress. She always rides a pink cycle. She has a pink school bag. She wears pink shoe. From top to bottom, Pinky is full of pink.

Sweety : Dad…! In this story, there is pink and pink Pinky.Where is the joke?

Dad : Sorry Sweaty…! I am supposed to tell a pink joke.

Sweety : Yes Dad…! A pink joke.

Dad :  The story is not yet completed. Pinky is so fond of pink that she colors everything with pink. All her pink color crayons got used up. She also borrowed the pink crayons from her friends and nobody left with any pink color crayons and water colors. She does not get satisfied. She wants some more pink color.

Pinky makes an announcement in the class that if somebody gives her pink she would give a “Dairy Milk” chocolate in return.

Her friend Sweety is very fond of “Dairy Milk” chocolate.  She wants to find a way to give pink to pink Pinky and get the “Dairy Milk”.

Sweety : Pinky…! Give me your book with a blank page. I will get pink on it.

Pinky : Here it is. Sweety…!

Sweety writes a letter ‘P’ and pours a drop of ink beside it.

Sweety : Here is your P-Ink. Give me my Dairy Milk.

Pinky : Sweety…! Where is pink?

Sweety : This is ‘P’ and this is Ink. Together P-Ink.

As promised, Pinky has given her “Dairy Milk” to Sweety in exchange for P-Ink.

Sweety : Ha… ha… ha… Dad…! Sweety in the story is very clever. Where is my “Dairy Milk”  for today?

Dad : Go and get from pink Pinky in exchange for P-Ink.

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