Attaining the speed of thought

Our thoughts are boundless. There is no limit to our imagination. We can dream with lightening speed and create our own world in no time . How can we attain the speed of our thoughts?


Human mind is so fast that we can think of going to the moon in less than a second . Our thoughts have no constraint.  But the real wold is so complex to become constraint free.

We do read books , listen stories , watch movies. In all these channels    , the story is told in an abstract way that we can travel through a decade in less than an hour.

Super Star Rajinikanth, a leading Indian film actor, can become rich,over a song in a movie, in less than 5 minutes. However it may take a lifetime for a common man to perform the same feat.

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Daily we get exposed to many abstract and shortened stories. This makes our mind to expect the things unfold in the real world in the same speed. However the reality is quite different.

How can we attain speed of thought in the real world? Is it really possible?

Attaining the speed of thought is too ambitious. We can definitely do things faster. We can significantly improve the speed if we do the same thing repetitively. However the improvement has an upper limit.

Repetition is the secret of improving the efficiency. That’s why we value the experience of a person a lot and offer premium salaries. The expectation is his experience would average up the overall efficiency of the team.

What if the experienced person thinks too fast and expect the other less experienced team members to attain his speed of his thoughts?

It would result into aggressive schedules and unrealistic time lines.

Recognizing the mismatch between the speeds of our thoughts and the speed of so complex real world would solve many problems and makes our lives easier.

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