Momma…! Why these people are clapping?

Appreciation is an addiction.Everyone of us likes to get appreciated again and again.what should we do get applauded by the people around us again and again?


Sweety is a cute little girl studying LKG.Her Mom wants her learn classical dance.

Mom: Sweety…! Today we are going to join dance class. You can meet your new friends there and also learn dance from the master.

Sweety: OK Mamma…!

Sweety along with her friend Smiley enrolled for the dance class.That evening both the two friends went to the dance school along with their moms.

Smiley started following the instructions of the dance master to make her body movements look like dance. But Sweeety is not listening to the master. Her mother did not understand the reason. Sweety’s Mom got disappointed and remained spectator of Smiley dancing along with the dance master.

The same scene continued in the next day as well. Daily Sweety used to promise her mother that she would definitely dance that day. But she would just end up become a spectator of the dance movements of other students.

Dance master is a gentle man. Her Mom thought that Sweety is more interested to learn from lady teachers than to learn from a gent. She was very much disappointed to know that there were no lady dance teachers available in their locality.

After couple of weeks,Sweety’s Mom came to know about a lady music teacher who teaches vocal Carnatic music. She did not waste time to enroll for the music classes. This time both Sweety and her Mom joined the music classes and started learning the Carnatic music.

During Ganesh Chaturthi,people in their community does Pooja(prayer) for 9 days.On the first day,all the people in their community attended the Pooja.After the initial mantras chanted by the priest, a teenage girl was called on to the stage to sing a devotional song.This divotional song was planned in advance and the teenage girl was selected in advance.

When the teenage girl was called to sing a devotional song,Sweety’s Mom wanted to make Sweety also sing  a song in front of Lord Ganesha.But she was not sure if the Pooja committee would allow Sweety to sing.

Sweety’s Mom did not want to miss the chance.She told Sweety to go on to the stage right after the completion of teenage girl’s devotional song and start singing the devotional song – Ekadantaya Vakratundaya…..

[su_youtube url=”” width=”400″ height=”200″][/su_youtube]


Sweety started walking on to the stage.Nobody could guess why Sweety was going on to the stage.Sweety is too little to be expected to sing a son on the stage.After the teenage girl’s devotional song,everybody started rush towards harathi and paid little attention to the movements of Sweety.

After getting on to the stage,Sweety started singing the song loudly as per the instructions of her Momma.People were too busy to pay attention to the song of Sweety.Sweety’s Mom got disappointed to see that her daughter’s performance is getting unnoticed. Without hesitation,Sweety continued singing the song loudly and finished the song in 2 minutes.

There was a pindrop silence for few seconds.Everybody seems got surprised to realise what has happened just now.Sweety’s Mom listened a clap from the crowd.It was an old man clapping.These claps have reminded the other people to appreciate the talent of the little cute girl.There was a big round of applause.

Sweety’s Mom closed her eyes to listen to the claps of the people and tears dropped from her eyes. Sweety is too little to understand why these people are clapping.She ran towards her mother and jumped on to her arms.

Sweety: Momma. Why these people are clapping?

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