Being Loyal to the Liabilities

Being loyal to someone. It’s the privilege we give to that someone. There would be a strong reason for the loyalty. What’s that strong reason behind Being Loyal to your Liabilities.



Every employee is an Asset  to an employer as long as the employee performs his expected duties well. If an employee gets disconnected with  his job and does not feel the responsibility getting things done, he starts becoming a Liability.

How to deal with these liable employees?

Should the employer layoff the liable employees? Or Should the employer look for ways to get them reconnected?

A rational employer chooses either one of them.Being loyal to the liable employees for longer time is foolishness. It’s the responsibility of the employees to be an asset to the employer.

It’s quite different in case of a parent-child relationship.Right from the day you are born to your parents, they consider you as their Asset and they feel  great sense of achievement about  your birth.Technically speaking , every child is a Liability to a patent in financial terms. They spend their hard-earned money , at their own capacity, for their children right from diapers to their graduation.

why do the parents consider their children as their assets?

We do have many valuable things other than money. Monetary value is overrated as we have set up the systems which do the accounting around money.

The value of parent-child relationship has no equivalent monetary value.

A parent starts living the life his children with many sacrifices.He cuts down his expenses to accommodate the wants and needs of his children. Parents do not hesitate to sacrifice their needs for the wants of their children.

How do children look at their parents. Assets or Liabilities?

If the parents were liabilities and if they were financially dependent on their children, how much percentage of the children will be loyal to their liable parents?

Definitely, it’s not far greater than 50%. Some may argue that it’s less than 50%.

It’s a privilege for the children to be loyal to their parents.They should not hesitate to sacrifice their wants for the needs of their parents.

Being loyal to these liabilities(parents) is a holy thing and makes us great people. Let’s wish everyone around us attain the greatness of Being Loyal to their Liabilities.

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The End

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