The art of “Beating around the Bush”

Talking straight is well appreciated. It saves lot of energy for the other party to understand what we intend to convey. In reality this straightforwardness may not be suitable in all the situations. “Beating around the Bush” can help us handle the situation well.


Suppose a guy wants to date with a girl you have fallen in love at first sight. one of way is to directly go and tell her about your crush and express your interest to date with her.You get positive or negative reaction from her.

If he is a bit serious and he wants to have a long-term relationship with her. It’s risky to go for a straight proposal. “Beating around the Bush”(flirting) can help him set the context and make her understand his interest. It makes her to responding to his proposal rather than reacting to the situation.

“Beating around the Bush” is an art. Not all can do it with perfection without irritating the other party.

Many of us like o be straightforward  as it saves a lot of time and energy in our busy life. We insist the other party to make the point straight and get irritated if we come the victim of “Beating around the Bush”.

What if you were the chair of a meeting at your workplace and all the attendees  have started showing their talent of “Beating around the Bush”?

Do you continue be a spectator enjoying their performance? or Do you instruct them to make their points short and sweet?

In general, agenda driven meetings are more efficient. It helps us make the conversations in the meeting more aligned towards the agenda. Having an upper cut off to the time each individual gets make his point.

As we go up in the career ladder, our scope of responsibility increases.Keeping away from “Beating around the Bush” helps us simplify our bigger world of responsibility and manage the things efficiently.

“Beating around the Bush” leads to inefficiency. Inefficiencies create more jobs. If ‘Creating more jobs” is the need of the hour, let’s embrace “Beating around the Bush”.


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