If you were racing with The Bolt

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the earth.He is known for this speed and a world champion in running race more than 10 times.What if you were racing with the Bolt?


The Bolt


Usain St Leo Bolt , a Jamaican runner , is the most naturally gifted athlete. He is, so far, 11 times world champion and 9 times olympic champion and he is known for breaking his own records. He completed 100m run in 9.69 seconds in Beijing Olympics (2008) and has broken his record by reducing it 9.63 seconds in London Olympics(2012).

This unbeaten Speedster,let’s call him The Bolt, gives no chance to the other racers to grab the gold.All might be planning to compete for the second place.What if you were one of the racers competing with The Bolt and how do you strategize your preparation for the race?

Do you settle down to the second place, even in your dreams, in the race? or Do you aim for beating The Bolt?

Even at your workplace,school or college, there might be champions who always be the top performers.They do not give a little chance to the others to be the topper.How do you mould yourself if you want to be the topper?

To go to the top is difficult and to continue being at the top is even more difficult. Should being at the top be the sole motto of our life? In this world,which believes in Bell Curve, less than 5% of the people would be rated as top performers. The remaining 95% are average and below average performers.

Companies like Accenture , started moving away from the Bell Curve because they want to avoid motivating 95% of their employees to recognise the performance of the top 5%.

In running race, performance is uni-dimensional. It’s only the time,i.e speed. In the complex real world, performance does definitely not depend on single factor.Here the rules of the game are very complex and it’s mere our foolishness to decide the winner.

Each individual is heading towards his own destiny and reach the final line of his own race.How can we decide the winner if they are running different races?

Everyone is the Bolt in his life.He does not require to run behind the other Bolts to reach their finishing lines.It’s difficult or even impossible to be the winner.

Let’s run our own race and discover the finishing lines to be the winner.


[su_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-DNWj8RuD0″ width=”400″ height=”200″]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpjEyBKSfJQ[/su_youtube]

The End

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