Shortcut way of life

Many of us want things to be done quickly ignoring the  standards  and the morals.  We always look for a  “shortcut” way. It can be anything such as bribe, drugs, influence, recommendations, commission, politics, swamiji’s, astrologers etc. Sometimes shortcuts make you rich and famous. But sometimes throw you into the dark. Here are the inhuman shortcuts listed



  • Married women go to swamiji’s and take blessings with leg for children
  • Lending money for more interest by keeping property for surety
  • Blackmailing girl like throwing acid on her for accepting love
  •  Bribe government employees for driving license, passport, etc
  • Rape a girl for time pass and revenge
  • Prostitution to earn more money in a night
  • Robbing car or bike and selling it to roam with girl friends
  • Kidnapping children, selling girls to abroad, and backdoor jobs for commission
  • Cheating the people in the name of trust and god
  • Conquering the land illegally and selling it for high price
  • Going to temple for virtue for eliminating the sins committed
  • Taking drugs to see heaven
  • Killing siblings and parents for property
  • Bribing the invigilator to pass the exams
  • Taking admissions in reputed schools or colleges in management quota
  • Hiring employees based on recommendations and influence
  • Doing business with human parts
  • Printing duplicate currency
  • Doing settlements and become don
  • Rowdism, goondaism, brokerism, factionism, terrorism, etc to earn power and money
  • Throwing dead body by cutting into pieces as it is more weight to carry
  • Riding bike on footpath during traffic jam and bribing traffic police if he stops the vehicle
  • Operations, test-tube babies for the birth of a child in order to relief from the pain of women
  • Entering into politics to become billionaire fastly
  • Misleading youth by false promises and promotions
  • Loosing self-respect for money
  • Going to abroad to earn more money
  • Doing MBA for more dowry
  • Selling sperms, blood, and even kidney in times of emergency
  • Rob a bank to become millionaire
  • Advise from astrologers to overcome risks in life
  • Doing pooja or prayers to eliminate sin

No offence.But these are very inhuman and unnatural way of living a life. One should understand that there will be no shortcuts in life. Shortcut will be easy but it won’t last longer. Going in a right way is hard but success will come to your feet and last longer.

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