A good lengthy short film

Short film making has become a trend nowadays. They have set the new standards in filmmaking and the sub standard movies would no longer work out in the indian movie market.

YouTube has provided the platform for the enthusiastic folks start their first stint of making short films. It helps them test the waters of film making.

After tasting the success in the short-film making , they can gradually increase the length of the movie from 10-15 minutes to 40-60 minutes.

When they succeed in engaging the audience for one hour, they become more eligible for the bigger screen.

Tarun Bhasker , a movie director , started with directing  a Telugu short film , Anukokunda.It got selected to be screened in the Cannes Film festival.

This gave him encouragement and increased the confidence. His other five short films gained lot of traction in YouTube and got the invitation for film festival screening.

After gaining handful of experience, Tarun Bhasker could become a director of full length Telugu feature film, Pelli Choopulu.

We can get inspired by another director , Virinchi Varma, who got transformed from short film director to full length movie director.He has directed a Telugu movie , Uyyala Jampala, which has received positive response from the audience and has performed well at the box-office.

When we analyse the films directed by the short film directors , we get a feeling of watching a lengthy short  in a big screen. However , these movies could succeed in engaging the audience with their crisp and tight screenplay with no-nonsense of heavy drama and action scenes.

Let’s congratulate and encourage these new entrants to the movie industry and welcome the new era of film industry in which new talent comes up not only from well established film star families.


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