A small hole in the boat

You are travelling in a boat and you have noticed a small hole in the boat. How do you react?sinking boat

Even a small hole in the boat creates panic in the crowd travelling in the boat. Some people are too busy and blindfolded with other activities to even notice the small hole. Sometimes the hole is too small to be noticed by the human eye.

If the hole is big enough questioning the survival of the travellers , should we jump out of the boat?

‘Yes’ would be the obvious choice.Do you have enough life savours for all the passengers in the boat?

If not, how do you manage the scarcity of the life savours? Should the passengers fight among themselves to grab the limited life savours?

How do you react to the problems you face in our life? Are you conscious enough to notice the problems you have in your life boat? or Are you too busy in your office  to notice the problems?

Even if you notice the problem, do you have enough energy levels left over in your mind and body to solve your personal problems?

If not, how long you can ignore a problem?

Many of us are very passionate about sticking  to the commitments we have made in the professional life. We enjoy getting the things done. Is that our only goal or objective in our lives?

For most of us, that is not the only goal. We need to take care of our personal boats and its passengers ( family members) as well.

Majority of the managers and companies are too much greedy and they ignore the fact that both professional and personal lives of the employees are marathons. They run the projects like sprints with unrealistic time lines and leave the employees drained out both physically and mentally.

If the employees are too busy ignoring their personal problems for a long time, their personal boats do not have smooth ride resulting into inconsistent performance. This inconsistency increases the uncertainty quotient    of our lives.

Managing uncertainty is the toughest task of the mankind. 

SMART goals , both personal and professional , are the medicine for this disease of getting  blindfolded to the problems in personal life. They  help us preserve limited energy we have and focus on more important things.


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