Dad! Where is this sound “Kuoo…! Kuoo…!” coming from?


Sweety : Dad! . Where is this sound “Kuoo…! Kuoo…!” coming from?


A page of a father’s diary.

Today , my body did not support me to jump out of the bed early in the morning at 6.00 am. But I have to wake up to help my wife in getting my daughter, Sweety , ready to catch the school bus at 7.00 am.

Last night I had to stay back at office till midnight to coordinate with support team to make the server ready for the product release schedued this week. We cannot make it happen if I do not stay back.

From 6 am to 7 am , I have only this one hour time of overlap with my daughter’s schedule. By the time she comes back from the school, I would have already left for the office. By the time I reach home , she would be in her dreams.

When I touch her , she could sense that dad has returned home and she hugs me tight even in the deep sleep. Sometimes she screams in her dream, Dad… Dad… It makes me realise again that I should spend more time with my daughter.

Today , our 1 hour of overlap time has passed like this.

Me : Sweety! Good Morning. Let’s get up. We have to get ready to catch the school bus.

Sweety : No Dad! I want to sleep for some more time.

Me : Even I want to sleep for some more time.

I hugged her tight and we continued our half sleep.

After 1 minute.

Me : Sweety! We have to get up. Otherwise , we miss the bus like Sathwika( her friend and school mate).

Sweety : No Dad!. I want to sleep for some more time.

Me : OK. Let’s make a deal. We sleep for 5 minute and then get up.

Sweety : OK . Deal.

After five minutes.

Me :  Miyaav…! Miyaav…!

Sweety : It’s a cat.

Me : Bhouv…!  Bhouv…!

Sweety : It’s a dog.

I made sure that she had landed on to the real world from the sky of her dreams. Afte taking  her  in my arms to the living room , I  switched on the TV and set the channel, Baby TV . Baby TV is her favourite channel. I wanted to make sure that her day alwyas starts with some activity she likes the most. I could sense the excitement in her face when came to that she was going to watch the Baby TV.

Mom : Sweety!  Hold your favourite glass (with the milk) and drink it quickly.

Sweety :  Wow… My favourite glass.

Sweety started drinking the milk while watching Baby TV. Baby TV is her favorite channel because it’s programs are lively with no-nonsense.

After drinking the milk , she should brush her teeth and take bath. She did not want stop watching Baby TV. How to make her switch to these not so interesting activities?

We made three colours of toothbrushes and tongue cleaners.

Me : Sweety…! Which colour of toothbrush do you want to use?

Sweety :  Blue…!

Me : Today, you should use the pink one.

Sweety : No Dad…! I want to use the blue one.

Me : Hmm.. OK. Your wish. But we have very little time left to catch the bus.We have to rush and get ready in 10 minutes. Deal…!

Sweety : OK Dad…!  Deal…!

She jumped out of the chair and ran into bathroom to brush her upper teeth and lower teeth.

Sweety got ready to go to school in 10 minutes as per the deal.The bus stop is half a mile away fom our home.

Me : Sweety…!  By which vehicle we go today? Car or Scooter.

Sweety : Hmm…. Scooter. ( She prefers scooter most of the times)

Me : OK. Deal…!

I got so accustomed to making these deals that even I have started saving “Deal…!” even to my team mates at office.

We have reached the bus stop five minutes earlier. We parked the scooter and started playing together in our own style.

Sweety :  Kuoo…! Kuoo…!

Me : Sweety…! Why are you making the sound “Kuoo…! Kuoo!”

Sweety : I am so happy Dad. So I am making sound like Koyal(Cuckoo bird) when it’s very happy.

Wow… I felt very happy that I could make her very happy by doing little things.

I could recall my conversation with Sweety when went to a park last week.

Koyal : Kuoo…! Kuoo…!

Sweety : Dad! . Where is this sound “Kuoo…! Kuoo!” coming from?

Me : Koyal is making that sound.

Sweety : Why is it making that sound “Kuoo…! Kuoo!”

Me : It is very happy. That’s why it’s making the sound “Kuoo…! Kuoo!”.

The End

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