Oh My God!, sell the story first

Many of us watch movies. Right!  We like some genres of movie much. Do you think movies are only for entertainment? Don’t they have any impact on the society or individual? Some movies even teach us how to do business and implementation of strategies in the market. ‘Oh My God‘ film falls in this category. Let’s see how!


Paresh Rawal (lead role in the movie) ,an atheist ,owns a shop of god idols. A Rajasthani guy comes to his shop to buy the statue of Lord Krishna . Paresh notices his vehicle number plate and lord Baba pictures on his vehicle and understands that he is Rajasthani and believer of god.

With these clues, he builds an instant story about god and god’s messenger and sells the statue for high price than it’s worth. The Rajasthani guy buys the story and statue.

He sells the story before the product. Companies spend huge of amount of money to sell the story along with the products,especially commodity products such as soaps,tooth paste , soft drinks etc.

The slogan of “Thumbs Up”, a cola drink, is “Taste the Thunder”. How can we taste the thunder by drinking sugar-water? The company tells us  a story,through advertisements, to make us believe that we can taste the thunder by drinking “Thumbs Up”.

Building a story is essential even for selling ourselves in the job market. We have more chances of getting a job if we can build a great story about our profile and sell the story to the interviewer. One should be cautious in choosing the next job and company. The next job should not dilute the story of our profile.

Master the art of narrating a story. We can easily connect and engage the other party through a story.It helps us win the hearts of people both in personal and professional lives.


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