Running the Rat Race

Life starts as a game. It gradually becomes a race , right from the day the child starts her schooling. The expectation is to be the top performer. This race continues till the death-bed. How do you feel in the last 5 minutes of your life when you look back at your life.

rat race

Even though all the human beings have many things common  , each one is unique in one’s own way. The way they perceive the things around them is unique. Each one develops different style of learning.

Learning is an art. The secret of winning the race is mastering the Art of Learning.

We do practice the art of learning during schooling and it continues in the professional life as well. We do learn the new things consciously or subconsciously.

Conscious and continuous learning is the key to boost speed in the race. What is the latest thing you have learned consciously?

In the current market place , business cycles are short and the technology is getting outdated in quick time. Ecommerce , Cloud Computing and IOT has become the new norm. So continuous learning has become imperative.

what’s the race are you running right now? I strongly believe each person has born for a purpose. Does your purpose gets fulfilled when you win the race you are running right now.

How can we identify the purpose of our life? We are running closer with the purpose as long as we are excited about the things we do personal and professional life. How many of us has that excitement? Is that excitement long-lasting?

Many of us lose that excitement when life becomes monotonous. How to do deal with it?Run the new race when you are not excited in running the current age-old race. It appears risky to run the new race. Taking calculated risks is the proven mantra.

Let’s cross check the race we are running at regular intervals ,take some bold decisions with our feet on the ground and live the last 5 minutes of our lives with the pride of meeting the purpose of birth on this great earth.


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