How easy it to make a Short Film?

Everyone has some creative talent inside them despite their academics. Some people wait for the right time to show, some wait for right platform and some come out irrespective of time and platform. I think you got it already what I’m talking about! Yes you are right! It’s filmmaking, the platform for creative people to show their talent, creativity, opinions, critics, facts, values, passion irrespective of social and cultural factors.

short film


Now a days, anyone with a DSLR and a little knowledge about cinematography, direction, video editing, music, social media can become filmmaker. We don’t have to make significant investment  to produce a short film.

If you have a script, you can start shooting a short film. If you don’t have a DSLR, you can lend it from your friends. Make a team of technicians and casting.

Direct the short film in such a way that it appeals to all types of genres. Upload on YouTube and use social media like Facebook, twitter, instagram, whatsapp for promoting your film and ask your friends to comment and share it.

Now everything went good. Your short film got more views and likes on YouTube. So what’s next? How it helps me to direct a feature film? Here are the opportunities for you –

  1. Send to short film festivals where big film directors watch your short film and give you a chance as assistant director.
  2. Show your short film to any producer and if he/she likes your direction/filmmaking, will give you an opportunity to write full script.
  3. Send your film to any directors. Some directors really encourage new talents like Ram Gopal Varma, a leading film maker in India. If they like your work, they will produce your film in their banner or recommend you to any producer or put you as an assistant director for their next films.

You don’t have to struggle for 10 years to become a director like Rajamouli ( director of Baahubali) or Steven Spielberg. If you have creativity in your script and direction, the opportunities won’t stop calling you. Always write a low-budget script for the first movie to put the producers in safety zone. Be like a storyteller and act like optimistic at any situation.

Anyone can learn free filmmaking courses on internet. But only few apply their skills to step up their career towards their dream to become filmmaker.


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