Why is “Why” the greatest word?

A child uses the word why a lot. She asks why for each and everything she observes around her. As she grows up ,the usage of this greatest word why gradually gets decreased.


When is the last time you have used this wonderful word why?

What makes this word so great that we should discuss about it now?

Everything that exists in nature has a purpose. Knowing about the nature is essential to make our life more comfortable. If we do not know why the nature has so well organised  by itself , We would not have been living a comfortable life that we are enjoying now.

Many of inventions and discoveries we have made so far are the answers to the question Why?

When we stop asking why, our exploration about the things around us dies.

How many of us would give importance to explain the reason to the team members or family members, why we  have taken a particular decision?

Any proposal or argument has greater chances of winning if it starts with a purpose.Purpose bridges the gap between different view points.

Let’s look at a real life case. A family is contemplating about the next weekend plan. The son wants to visit an amusement park and the daughter wants to see the movie, The Jungle Book.

The son kept on proposing to visit the amusement park. However the daughter started with why she wants to see the movie,The Jungle Book. She started explaining about the wonderful graphic visuals it has and started narrating the storyline. After listening the daughter , the son also has started building interest to watch the movie and finally the family enjoyed watching the movie, The Jungle Book.

Even a sales pitch should start with a purpose to increase the chances of turning the leads into prospects.

Once, We visited two kindergartens to enquire about the facilities they have and the admission procedure. The head of first school started pitching about discount on the school fee. However the head of second school started pitching the curriculum. She kept on using the word Why in each and every point she makes. Her conversation was very sensible and could persuade us to choose the second school for our daughter.

Friendship with the word Why and embedding the purpose in our conversations would yield great results.

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One thought on “Why is “Why” the greatest word?

  1. Topic about why is really very interesting .its says “when there isn’t the word why ” then there wouldn’t be any innovative thinking and more over there will be nodevelopement in every fields and in life also


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