Perfection – A friend of Complexity

Majority of us want to be perfect.Perfection helps us improve the performance and eliminate waste. What’s the cost of this perfection?


All of us want the life simplified. Too much simplification may not add much value to us. What’s the optimum level of simplification?

Let’s take a hypothetical situation. A 10 meter line is drawn and you are asked walk only on that line.Let’s call this , Line-1.You can somehow manage to walk on the line.

Then second 10 meter line,Line-2, is drawn and you are asked walk on the lines alternatively. For example , 1st meter on Line-1 and the second meter on Line-2, and so on. It increases the complexity and you find it difficult to manage.

The complexity increases as we keep on increasing the number of lines and pressure increases when we must walk only on the lines to be Mr.Perfect and we are not allowed to make any mistakes.

All managers like these straight lines as they think these lines help them to complete the project in the shortest possible time and with lowest possible cost.

However, in reality, world is full of curved lines with so much uncertainty. How can we fill this huge gap of reality and expectation.

Realizing the reality is the shortest path to Simplification.We do end up setting up unrealistic goals when we always live in the ideal world by ignoring the reality. Unrealistic goals add pressure on the people , hamper the quality and increase the attrition rate.

At the personal front ,  One should dream big enough to achieve the best possible and realistic enough to plan and realize his dream. Otherwise , unmanageable pressure gets mounted on our head which may lead us into depression.

The closer we live with the reality , the more simplified our lives would be.

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