How can we onboard a fast-moving train?

Is it possible to onboard a fast-moving train? Everyone agrees it’s a Herculean task. It may be a little easier for exceptional dudes like Tom Cruise, James Bond and superheroes  like Spider man,Superman etc.

fast moving train

If at all it is a must for us to onboard the train. How can we do so?

One way is to slowdown the train and the other way is to obtain the speed of the train and then jump into the train?

Wow! It appears to be common sense. Is n’t it?

Of course. Yes. It’s common sense. As people have been focusing on specific area for expertise,the circumference of this common sense is diminishing gradually. Something we call as common sense today may not be a candidate to be a part of common sense.

Why should we bother about on boarding a fast-moving train now?

Here it goes. After doing the same job repeatedly, we obtain so much experience and expertise so that we can complete the task in no time. Our subconscious mind gets very well equipped with the knowledge to make decisions in a fraction of a second. Our speed of thoughts would be phenomenal.

Let’s move from individual standpoint to that of a team. Average performance of a team drops when new team members get on boarded.

What if the earlier performance  of the team is too high?

How do new team members manage to attain the expected high performance ?

It’s very important to reset the expectations to all stakeholders about the new performance of the team.   A well thought transition plan is essential to manage the change. It’s also the responsibility of both the management and the old team members to acknowledge the new reality ,  to slow down a bit and to help the new team members attain the expected performance.

Along with high performance, innovation is essential in the current dynamic marketplace. How can we embed innovative ideas in these fast-moving stream of thoughts?

Innovation is nothing but connecting the unrelated dots. If our focus is on the related dots in our day-to-day job, who would identify the unrelated dots to make the connection?

So , at the personal front , it’s recommended to slow down at regular intervals and explore the unrelated dots and gain knowledge of other disciplines. Organizations take the help of consultants to do so.

A CEO is expected to have fair idea on each and every aspect of the business, which her company operates in. She should be a visionary to foresee the future of the company and should be an architect to design its strategy. Each  one of us is the CEO of our own life. The toughest project in our life is to design our career.

In order to have a great career , we should look for multidimensional growth. We can attain the speed when we focus on a specific area and travel farther enough in quick time to reach a dead-end. Multidimensional growth can be the Mantra in this new era of turbulent economy with shorter business life cycles.

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