How big is your “Personal Window” to see the world?

When we are at home, we see the world outside through the window. The bigger the window , the bigger the visibility we get. We do prefer homes with bigger windows. How big is our “Personal Window” to see the world?. Personal Window

We do see the world through our eyes and each one us look at the things we are interested in and do not pay much attention to the rest.

For a child, the world contains Mom , Dad , siblings , school , cartoon characters like spider man , chota bheem etc. For her , this is the world. For a grown up kid , the world expands.

Are we conscious that our world is expanding gradually?

How fast its expanding?

“Known is a drop.Unknown is an ocean” – Rajinikanth, a leading film actor in India.

What’s the big deal to have a bigger known world?

World  is full of opportunities and it is knowledge centric. The more we know about the world , the more the opportunities we can grab.

In this connected world , industries started consolidating. There is no clear  separation between industries. For instance,phone and camera got consolidated into a smart phone. Technology has penetrated into each and every business. No business can survive in the long run without embracing the technology. “Going Digital and Being Digital” is an imperative for every CEO.

So if we have greater aspirations to climb up the ladder or build great companies , making our “Personal Window” to see world , i.e having more knowledge , is essential.

How can we increase the size of our “Personal Window”?

There are multiple ways which include reading books and online blogs , and having a keen observation on the things happening around us.

Do we have enough time to do so? Of course , its difficult to find time in the current trend of “Running the Rat Race”.  Having No Time is just our perception. Always keep measuring the time in minutes rather than in hours. Definitely we feel that we have more time.

Let’s start and work towards gaining more knowledge and keep on increase the size of our “Personal Window”.

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