Marketing in “The Kabali Way”

Movie promotion of the Super Star Rajinikanth’s movie , Kabali ,  has reached great heights when AirAsia has become the official Airlines partner to have Rajinikanth‘s images on its aircraft and to arrange a special flight from Bangalore to Chennai to carry guests to watch the first show of the movie.


Innovative ways of movie promotion , in India , has become the trend to grab the attention of audience and increase the curiosity to persuade them to go to movie theaters to watch the movie in the first week of movie release.

Some of them include releasing teasers during the period of movie making , organising grand audio launches . Recently , Chiranjeevi , a Telugu film lead actor,  has performed on the stage during CineMaa award function promoting his 150th film. This has helped him to create the awareness about his re-entry into films after a break to look after his political party “Praja Rajyam” , which he has merged into AICC eventually.

What’s the necessity of these grand promotions now? Why were such promotions not adopted earlier?

The answer to these questions lies in the current state of entertainment industry during its transformation due to the breakthrough of internet in India and even in the world.

Earlier , the movie was being sold as a product in the form movie tickets , cassettes , CDS and then DVDs. Now the revenue model has transformed a lot.  The life of a movie , as a product,  is very short , a maximum of 2 or 3 weeks  now a days. After that the movie will be telecasted to the people on the TV channels. Movie producers sell the satellite rights for a huge amount based on the movie star cast , the movie director and the movie success in theaters. Now a days movies are also available in Netflix, YouTube , HotStar etc . Some movies are available for free and for others viewers has to pay the price.Ads are another  the source of revenue in the channels.

There are news in the media that the Satellite Rights of Kabali were sold for a huge amount , INR 250 million, which has crossed all the figures for a tamil movie.

Even lower budget film makers started promoting their movies innovatively. Releasing an attractive promotional song in advance.  A telugu movie , ” Vishaka Talkies” , certified as “A”(Adult)  rated , was promoted with a message highlighting not to watch this movie with you families. This way they want to attract youth and set the expectation in the viewers.

Lets closely observe how far the movie promotions would go to lure the viewers.

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