How rules influence behaviour?

In order to get greater or desired result , people are expected to behave in a certain way . How do we make sure that people would exhibit the desired behaviour. Organisations with huge number of employees would design the policies and incentive systems to reward the good behaviour and to discourage the undesired behaviour.

Let me tell a small anecdote to understand how the rules/policies can be used to influence the behaviour.

Juice Equal share

A mother has three children Tom , Dick and Harry . One day she has prepared orange juice. She wants his children share the juice equally. The children are very fond of orange juice that each one wants to drink the entire juice. The mother wants to encourage the habit of sharing and asked Tom to share the juice equally into three glasses. She wants to make sure that Tom makes equal share.How can make sure and influence him to do so?

Its very simple. She has told Tom to fill the glasses with equal amount of juice and asked Tom to allow Dick and Harry to choose the glasses first. This simple condition/rule makes Tom definitely make equal shares as he has would end up getting the lesser juice if he does do so.

Have you come across such simple rules in the business world to influence the behaviour of the people?

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